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Missouri, Day 5

(Above featured image is a female Juvenal’s Duskywing on Wild Hyacinth, photographed by Dr. Glassberg in Benton County, Missouri – ed.)

Today, it’s sun all the way. However, with so much time already in the field, my expectations of seeing an Ozark Swallowtail were low.

I decided to take a different approach. On my car navigation system, I selected POI (points of interest), typed in Ozark Swallowtail and punched in “GO”. After a slight lag, I thought I heard a laugh. Then, I imagined Siri saying “that’s so funny.”

Not having any help from the cloud, I explored an area north of Truman State Park and found more Pipevine Swallowtails. Also my only Southern Cloudywing and Sleepy Duskywing of the trip.

Southern Cloudywing

Back along Hwy UU and in Truman State Park, I found only the usual suspects.

Tomorrow, I fly back to New Jersey, my plane leaving at 6 am. So, I’m looking forward to my next try for Ozark Swallowtail, in 2021.

[I now believe that the larkspurs at Harry Truman State Park that I thought were Glade Larkspurs, are Carolina Larkspurs, a much more common species.]