Education: Georgia Piedmont Chapter: Tunes, Wings and Smiles


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Tunes, Wings and Smiles

by Virginia C. Linch

Matt Rogers, local country singer on tour now, stopped by the Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch pollinator habitat this week to the surprise of Mrs. Jill Turners 2nd grade Gatewood class. Many thanks to Sylbie Yon for coordinating this visit. Matt was sitting on PaPa’s Porch with guitar in hand ready to strum when the children ran down to greet him. Matt quickly launched into a great song about dragon flies and then had all clapping to his rendition of Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. Mrs. Turner had scheduled this tour of the habitat in conjunction with her teaching plan. The children were shown many different species of butterflies in different stages by habitat project leader, Virginia C. Linch. Each child was given a Georgia Butterfly ID guide and a Giant Swallowtail caterpillar to watch change in their classroom.

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