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North American Butterfly Association

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Help support NABA and our conservation work by becoming a member today! More importantly, your membership support helps NABA conserve butterflies and their habitats throughout North America, both by direct action, and by educating the public about the importance of butterflies and their habitats.

You’ll receive access to our gorgeous American Butterflies and Butterfly Gardener publications!

(Note: We are unable to send publications and notices by mail outside of the United States; international members will want to choose Digital Only options; even if you purchase a membership that chooses the Print option, we will not be able to send you paper magazines.)

Additionally, all members receive:

  •  A $5 coupon off of your first outdoor sign when certifying your garden with our Butterfly Garden Habitat Program.
  • A welcome packet that includes a welcome letter and order form for past American Butterflies issues, so you won’t miss any of their fantastic content.
  • The satisfaction that you are contributing to butterfly habitats and education!

If you choose a family membership, all immediate members of your family will be members of the North American Butterfly Association and receive all benefits of membership including supporting butterfly conservation, and being able to attend biannual members meetings. Families are entitled to receive a single print copy of NABA publications per issue.

Members who join for the first time at our Admiral ($250) level and above gets a copy of NABA President Dr. Glassberg’s Enjoying Butterflies More:

Members at the Admiral ($250) level and above receive a copy of our notecards when they renew their membership:

Members who join at our Institutional ($60) level get a copy of our yearly Butterfly Count Report:

Additional Information

Membership Level

Regular $35, Family $45, Copper $55, Copper Family $55, Institutional/Library $60, Skipper $100, Skipper Family $100, Admiral $250, Admiral Family $250, Monarch $1000, Monarch Family $1000

Publication Type

Digital Only, Print Only, Digital and Print

Membership Length

1 year, 2 years, 3 years