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Help support our programs, like the annual butterfly count, or our essential conservation mission at the National Butterfly Center. Your contributions are essential to making sure we have the resources to take action!

Learn more about our programs
National Butterfly Center: Situated on 100 acres of land fronting the Rio Grande in Mission, Texas, the National Butterfly
Center is the major education and conservation center focused on wild butterflies. Please help NABA maintain the
wonderful Education and Research Gardens that have attracted 234 species of butterflies and help NABA create the
critical new gardens.
Miami Blue Fund: In extreme southern Florida, NABA continues working to learn about and save rare and endangered
butterflies. An innovative project to save Bartram’s Scrub-Hairstreaks by planting crotons throughout south Florida is
now underway. NABA was directly responsible for the State and Federal listings of Miami Blue as an endangered
species and has funded research on Schaus’ Swallowtails. NABA continues to speak out against toxic mosquito spraying.
Swamp Metalmark Fund: Help NABA gather baseline information about the status of Swamp Metalmarks and other rare
and endangered butterflies of the Midwest, including rapidly declining prairie skippers.
Butterfly Monitoring: The NABA Butterfly Counts and the NABA Recent Sightings website are already being used by
scientists to map butterfly distribution and abundance as well as to answer here-to-fore unanswerable questions about
The WeButterfly website will soon encompass all of the NABA monitoring programs with access to, and displays of,
exciting and useful information about butterfly populations. Check out the beta version at!
NABA Program for Butterfly Gardens and Habitats: This long term project provides detailed information about
butterfly gardening at the local level, increasing the number of butterflies in the world, one site at a time. We have
begun exploring opportunities to scale up conservation on-the-ground, including implementation of landscape-level vegetation restoration and sensitive site protection.
Jane Vicroy Scott Memorial Fund: We are creating a special butterfly conservation fund in memory of Jane Vicroy Scott,
who tirelessly worked for butterfly conservation with no financial compensation.

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