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Conservation – The National Butterfly Center – Click here to learn more

The 100 acre National Butterfly Center is the premier location in the United States to experience the beauty, drama and emotion of wild butterflies. You will see incredible numbers of kaleidoscopically-colored wild butterflies. The clouds of butterflies are at the National Butterfly Center because, by planting thousands of plants that the butterflies need for nectar and for caterpillar growth, we have created a butterfly paradise that sustains large populations of hundreds of species of wild butterflies.

The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas (LRGV) is the very best location in the United States for a facility of this kind because:

Almost 40% of the 700+ butterflies that occur in the United States can be seen in a three county area of the LRGV.

With over 300 species, the LRGV has nearly as many butterflies as the states of New Mexico and Arizona, and more than the entire eastern United States.

Approximately 150 species of North American butterflies can be seen only in the LRGV, or by traveling to Mexico. More than 200 have been seen at the National Butterfly Center, including a number of rarities and U.S. records.

Subtropical climate makes butterflying a year-round family activity.

An exciting blend of American and Mexican cultures already draws many tourists to the Texas/Mexican Border, as well as thousands of Winter Texans who spend up to 6 months each year in the Valley.

The National Butterfly Center is an important link in a wildlife corridor running from Falcon Dam to Boca Chica where the Rio Grande empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

The National Butterfly Center is dedicated to education, conservation and scientific research on wild butterflies. Its mission is “Growing Connections”. The National Butterfly Center connects people to butterflies, which are intimately connected to native plants, which themselves are connected to the earth.